What We Do

Drywall installations

We provide drywall Installations for commercial projects and custom homes. Doral Drywall also specialize in patch repair.

Doral Drywall can patch, repair and restore your drywall to its original appearance. Our expert patch crews have extensive experience in dealing with all patch work conditions from water damage, fire restoration and your remodeling needs.

When we have completed your project your drywall patches will be undetectable.


Doral Drywall offers a full range of steel framing, for custom home applications to general construction.

We work together with your job site superintendent to coordinate our work with other trades and ensure your job is completed within budget and on time. From the elements of indoor swimming pool design to free form building designs we do what it takes to bring your job forward.


Doral Drywall also provides commercial and residential painting. We have experience in water proofing specialty coatings and texture applications. The correct painting done by a trained and caring staff will grant your project elegance and durability.

Drywall Finishing

Having a background as a professional drywall finisher including training in high quality drywall finishes, the perfect foundation is laid for achieving the highest standard in interior wall and ceiling finishes, whether in popcorn removal, skim coat, new installation, or a drywall repair.

We have specialized in a wide variety of drywall repairs and modifications, including the repair of plumbing access holes, resolution of water damaged drywall areas, as well as the installation and finishing of new drywall.

Nearly all of our work has been in occupied homes, so cleanliness and neatness are an integral part of our operation.

For real estate professionals, landlords, homeowners, and renters … it pays to use a drywall repair specialist.